Aero Surgical Instruments was founded in 1990 to fulfill the need of current worlds requirements, combined with innovations, and production know-how.
To achieve this challenging goal of high skills and instruments of the finest quality, the Aero Surgical Instruments 's engineers and technicians team devised and created new processes , new equipment , and new quality control techniques.
This concept has been building an enviable reputation in operating rooms throughout the world , a reputation for rugged dependability and brilliant performance.
Aero Surgical Instruments strives to produce & supply the latest and most comprehensive range of instruments, due to rapid evolution in the field of biological sciences and constant evolution in surgical methodology, Aero Surgical Instruments constantly reviewed and updated the product range with the passage of time.
All major production processes are preformed in- house in our production units.
Aero Surgical Instruments manufacture and export top quality dispose able and re-useable Surgical and Dental instruments of all kinds, Orthopedic ,Pedicure and Manicure instruments , all type of tungsten carbide inserted scissors, needle holders nail & wire cutters, and Hollowware items.

Aero Surgical Instruments prides itself on the rigorous quality control monitoring on every step from the beginning to final stage, to ensure the supply of finest grade instruments according to the specifications provided.
We assure you, we are committed to meet customers requirements, as our policy is Customer's Satisfaction through excellent quality and provision of instruments within the specified /agreed lead time.

Yours truly,
Aero Surgical Instruments